Group Unique Wedding Experiences for Couples. Save Money. Make New Friends. Create Memories Together!

Coming in 2019 to Toronto and the GTA

KOOS Unique Wedding Planning Services for Group Weddings

And your wedding should be just as special! But you shouldn't have to break the bank to have the perfect wedding!

Your Love Story Is Special

Have the celebration and the party that you want without the cost of doing it alone! Share your wedding with new friends and save!

KOOS Helps You Share Your Wedding

Share the costs of your wedding with other couples and have the wedding of your dreams. Have YOUR weddings. Together.

The Wedding Of Your Dreams... For Less
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Your Unique Wedding Day

You will make some big investments in your life. The biggest in most people’s lives are:

  1. House
  2. Car
  3. Education
  4. Wedding
  5. Children
  6. Retirement

You can already house-share, car-share, and choose alternative education paths which help you reduce the cost of those big investments, and we can’t help you with the cost of kids or retirement, but isn’t it about time that someone did something about the cost of weddings?

We thought so. So we created KOOS.

KOOS means together. And that’s what we do. Weddings. Together.

If you’re looking for a traditional wedding day, don’t contact us, we can’t help.

If you think group weddings are weird and you can’t imagine compromising with other couples to create something incredible together, don’t contact us, we can’t help.

If you’re looking for a totally unique wedding experience, an opportunity to meet new lifetime friends, and to share the costs of your wedding to reduce your investment, we’re here.

Group Wedding? How It Works

KOOS is designed to help you share your wedding costs and save. We match you with couples who are looking for a similar type of wedding and who have similar tastes and then plan all of your weddings together to create one magnificent day. That’s right… group wedding… one wedding day… for multiple couples… all at the same time. The most unique wedding experience you can think of!

Not for you? That’s OK. We recognize that not everyone is open to a group wedding experience. But we also recognize that your wedding will likely be one of the biggest investments of your life, and we have designed KOOS to help reduce that investment. You should share a life together and you shouldn’t have to start out with a big debt.

By sharing your day with other couples, you will save money, meet new (hopefully life long) friends, and celebrate your love story in the most unique way!

Our team includes seasoned wedding and events professionals with over 20 years of experience planning and delivering unique event and wedding experiences. We work with the most unique venues and the best caterers, entertainers, and service providers. In short, we deliver the most unique wedding experiences your money can buy. Without breaking the bank.

We are launching for weddings in Toronto and the GTA in 2019. If you’d like to be one of the first to enjoy the KOOS group wedding experience, please pre-register your interest below.

Group Wedding - Multiple Couples in One Wedding

What We Do

The short answer is that we take care of everything for you!

KOOS is a full wedding planning service that goes one step further to help match you up with one or more other couples to create a truly magnificent group unique wedding experience. Together.

We start by matching up couples with similar needs, style, and personalities, and then we get down to planning. We find you the perfect venue, design the perfect decor, plan the perfect menu, arrange for the perfect entertainment, contract the perfect photographers and videographers, and ultimately ensure that your weddings are the perfect day!

You pay KOOS, we take care of the rest of the details working collaboratively with you and the other couples involved in your group wedding day.

We manage the compromises, we manage the details, you get to enjoy your wedding!

KOOS - Group Wedding Planning Service

Pre-Register Your Group Wedding Today

If this sounds like your kind of wedding or you are at least interested in learning more about KOOS, group weddings, and how we work please pre-register with us below. We are working on launching the KOOS service in Toronto and the GTA for wedding events starting in 2019. Get yourself on our list and we can help you to have the perfect, most unique, and most cost effective wedding you have ever imagined!